We wanted to personally reach out to our clients as the Coronavirus (COVID-19) event unfolds.

Kruger Law wishes to offer as much support and guidance as we reasonably can to our clients at this time.

We are very conscious that a number of our clients who, by reason of their age or personal circumstances are particularly concerned about their personal health and wellbeing.

We have been approached by some clients regarding their existing personal arrangements.

We certainly don’t recommend clients, who are wanting to limit contact with others, try to update their affairs by “doing it themselves” and that they exercise extreme caution in accessing the numerous “online” offerings that are emerging.

Particular care needs to be taken to ensure any arrangements that might be implemented are appropriate and achieve the intended outcome.

We have already implemented a number of precautionary measures which mean we can take instructions without a personal attendance – reducing any risks and enable the ongoing delivery of services to our clients.

Our business continuity plans, through the use of various technologies, allow us to be flexible and responsive – including should a situation arise where access to our offices is disrupted.

Also, clients who might require access to documentation (for example Enduring Powers of Attorney) held by our firm in our safe custody facility will have their responses met promptly.

In the event circumstances arise outside our normal business hours, contact with our office can still be made on our main number of 07 5443 9600.