You may know of this famous and controversial line from the character “Dick the Butcher” in William Shakespeare’s Henry VI.

Some recent “developments” in technology have had me thinking whether Dick’s wish that society be free of lawyers might come true!

The progression of Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) has huge ramifications for all of us in every walk of life.

Technological innovation may indeed spell the end of many occupations (and the start of others) – but what about lawyers?

My own (self-preserving) view is that we’re a long way off the extinction of lawyers.

Providing legal advice is not simply a “process”.

There will always be the unique facts to a particular problem that can’t be automated.

Even Chat GPT tends to agree with me – recommending the assistance of a lawyer when drafting your Will or any other legal document.

Perhaps the bigger question is how the use of emergent technologies should be regulated – which ironically will involve lawyers!

Food for thought….