If you have recently moved to QLD from another Australian State or Territory, it may be time to review your Will and Enduring Power of Attorney.

The legislation regarding Wills and Enduring Powers of Attorney differs between each of the States and Territories.

In Queensland, a Will or Enduring Power of Attorney properly executed in another State or Territory can be recognised as still valid in Queensland in certain circumstances.

A move to Queensland not only provides you with an opportunity to start supporting the Maroons in the State of Origin but may also provide a perfect opportunity to review your existing estate plan with a solicitor.

Not only can you confirm if existing documents from another State or Territory are still valid, you can ensure your estate plan still reflects your wishes, particularly if your family or financial circumstances may have significantly changed as a result of the move.

If you do update your documents as a result of the move to Queensland, it is also sensible to obtain your previous original documents.