It’s time to get that task of updating your estate plan off your “to do” list!

Chances are it’s something you’ve been intending to do but haven’t quite “got around to it”.

Your Will and estate plan is something you should regularly review to ensure it is up to date.

As your circumstances change, so should your estate plan.

In particular, the following events should certainly trigger a review:

  • If your executor dies or becomes unwilling or unable to act.
  • If a beneficiary named in your Will dies.
  • If you have made a gift of a specific asset or property and it no longer exists or has been sold.
  • If the family situation of yourself or any beneficiary changes (eg. due to marriage, the commencement of a defacto relationship, divorce or relationship breakdown or a beneficiary facing financial difficulty).
  • When any amendments are made to the law (eg tax).
  • After the purchase or sale of substantial assets.
  • If you have established an entity (eg private company or trust).
  • If you have changed your superannuation fund or more than three years has passed since you last made your Superannuation Death Benefit Nomination.

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