Without making light of an extremely complex moral and ethical issue, the present position of the Queensland Parliament is that Queenslanders can live without euthanasia.

The Queensland Government is yet to adopt any formal position on the issue – although the Premier has previously announced an inquiry into the possibility of legalising voluntary
assisted dying.

The West Australian Parliament, on 10 December 2019 passed legislation to legalise voluntary assisted dying, making it the second state to do so, with the Victorian scheme commencing in June 2019.

Those in the “for” camp typically cite that:

  1. It provides autonomy and end-of-life options; and
  2. It may reduce suffering.

Whilst those in the “against” camp typically suggest:

  1. Modern palliative care measures suffice;
  2. Creating a “right” to be killed is the start of the slippery slope and the eventual development to “involuntary” euthanasia;
  3. A right to die becoming a “duty” to die felt by vulnerable persons dependent on others due to their fear of being a financial or emotional burden; and

There are obvious difficulties in ensuring all acts are truly voluntary.

The debate should not be rushed.