Last night’s announcement by the Prime Minister regarding funerals has meant a surge in calls today from concerned people wanting to know, should a loved one pass away now or in the future, what the new rules on social gatherings means for them and their family.
We have made a number of calls to Sunshine Coast Funeral homes and have been able to clarify the rules that will come into effect from midnight tonight.

The Federal Government has said that “Funerals must be limited to no more than 10 people. The 4 square metre rule and social distancing must be observed.” View limits on public gatherings for Coronavirus (COVID-19) information here.

However, it is important to note that the ten people maximum allowance includes any funeral staff and your celebrant. It does not matter whether the service is held indoors or out – the rules as noted above apply and will be strictly adhered to.

What this means is, if you have a celebrant and two people attend from the funeral home, you will be restricted to seven additional guests to be in attendance.

However, it is important to note that there are other alternatives available to ensure you don’t miss out on saying goodbye to a loved friend or family member. Some Funeral Homes are able to live stream services which means that friends and extended families can still watch the service, albeit from the safety and comfort of their own homes.

Gregson & Weight have confirmed that their Funeral Homes all cater for live streaming as can White Lady Funerals in Nambour.
The new laws mean we need to adapt to a new “norm”, but it doesn’t mean you need to miss out on paying your final respects to those that you love, who pass away during this time.