Summer in Australia is typically associated with sun, surf and cricket.

The original Ashes urn, believed to contain the ashes of a burnt cricket bail, is presently in Melbourne, for only the third time in 137 years.

For over a century, Australia and England have competed for the prized urn.

Sadly, there are occasionally far greater and more emotionally charged disputes over ashes of a very different kind – those being the ashes of a loved one following their cremation.

The executor usually arranges the disposal of the deceased’s remains. Where disputes arise, however, courts can be required to decide who should receive the deceased’s ashes.

In some instances, a Court has made Orders that actually divide the ashes and apportions them between disputing family members. It is a practice that some people find acceptable
and others find abhorrent!

Having a properly drawn Will can help ensure your remains don’t become the subject of litigation and the battle for the ashes is kept on the sporting field and out of the courtroom!